Attorney Adele Drumlevitch

Clients Testimonials

“Very professional and down-to-earth. She made a very unpleasant experience Easy to deal with.”

Posted by Ryan J. (Client) in March, 2019

Thank God I found her.

“I was arrested for a DUI and was extremely shaken over this incident. Adele was compassionate but straightforward and extremely informative. She spent a tremendous amount of time explaining all the details of what could happen and what she would try to do for me. It was a long drawn out process and took over 1/2 year to get it finalized, but she stayed in touch with me all the way, updating me on the situation. In the end, she got my charges dropped to a misdemeanor. I dodged a bullet with her, and believe me, I never want to see her again, wonderful professional as she is.”

Posted by a Client on January 14, 2019

“Adele is amazing, not only at what she does but as a person. She goes above and beyond for everyone. She makes sure you have and know everything that could happen or will happen. What I was facing could of had a terrible effect not only on me but my career and family as well. She not only saved me but also my career. I could never say in enough words how thankful I am to her. If you want an Attorney that REALLY cares and doesn’t judge, and works very hard for you!! This amazing lady right here is who you need on your side.”

Posted By Anna P. on October 11, 2018

“Works hard on your behalf!”

Posted by Paul C. (Client) in September, 2018

Peace of Mind

“Got arrested in February while on Temp duty at Huachuca. I live on the east coast. Over the next six months, Adele looked through all the tapes and got my DUI dropped to Reckless driving. I was worried how a DUI would affect my clearance and now I have nothing to worry about for this event. Just yesterday, in the military unit where I work, a young soldier was arrested and taken away in handcuffs for a DUI/Hit and Run. Just hearing about that brought that initial fear back. Thank you, Adele, for saving my clearance, job, and peace of mind.”

Posted By David on September 7, 2018

“Amazing person has everything you need to know for what you need.”

Posted By Erik S. on October 12, 2017

“Was the best experience ever. Would do again a+++.”

Posted By Cameron (Possession of Drug Paraphernalia Client) on September 19, 2016

“I have used Adele Drumlevitch as my attorney several times since 2008. She is very experienced in many areas of law and she has represented me in some criminal misdemeanors, some civil traffic cases, a housing issue, an unemployment claim, and 2 civil lawsuits. She helped me get some of my criminal cases dropped and favorable deals on others, she won my unemployment and housing matters, and obtained monetary settlements on my two civil cases. She is affordable and doesn’t try to run up a bill like some lawyer will in order to get more money. I know she sometimes works with clients for payment plans or with financing options, something which some lawyers will not do. She is easy going and upbeat, yet professional and she always made me feel at ease even when I was stressed out over my cases. If I have any more legal matters that she can help me on, I will continue to use her services. I HIGHLY recommend Attorney Drumlevitch to anyone looking for an experienced lawyer in Cochise County, Arizona.”

Posted by a Client on September 25, 2014

“Fantastic work always there for the clients and gives 110% all the time!!”

Posted by Evan W. on April 7, 2016

“No one ever thinks they will need a lawyer, but as she told me, sometimes even good people find themselves in a bit of trouble. I was charged with DUI to slightest degree. Something I am not proud of, but did not feel I was impaired. She went over every detail and I am extremely happy with the outcome. She was always available to answer any question I may have had, and was prompt with any correspondence. She treated me with respect, and made me feel she cared about the impact the charges against me would have on my future. I highly recommend Adele, and can not thank her enough.”

Posted by a Client on October 28, 2014

“I was first represented by this attorney on a DUI case. She is very knowledgeable and thorough in explaining the laws and procedures. She was able to get me minimum jail time and did not allow the prosecution to take advantage of me when there was a discrepancy about what they had offered me. She later represented me on a probation violation and was able to get it completely thrown out. This lawyer is one of the best. A life saver!”

Posted by Rachel on January 9, 2015

“Adele is an excellent choice. I faced a Misdemeanor charge. My freedom, career and family were at risk. Adele put me at ease. Her knowledge of the legal processes in Cochise County, experience with Arizona Law and candor & honesty were pivotal. The end result was Adele negotiating a three-month suspended sentence. I could not have asked for anything more. I highly recommend this legal professional.”

Posted by David on February 19, 2015

“Having found myself in a slightest degree DUI situation, I was nervous, upset, and worried about the impact this would have on my life. I took a chance with Adele after reading her ratings. I was not disappointed. She was very attentive, and concerned for me as her client. She went over every detail to make sure she would represent me to the best of her ability. She was quick to answer any of my questions, and was always prompt and polite when answering my questions, or addressing my concerns. I could not have been happier with the outcome of my case. When the judge tells you have a good attorney that you have gotten a good deal, it doesn’t get better than that. If I was in need of attorney for any reason, she would be my first call, if it was not her specialty, I would feel confident in the person she would refer me to.”

Posted by Rita C. on May 30, 2015

“I was for sure thinking I would be going to jail for a least 120 day’s. I Got a Extreme DUI and have had a DUI five years ago. Adele was on top of the case with the MVD and the State charges from day ONE!!! Long story short I walk away with a fine and one night in jail. I would strongly recommend Adele to anyone that needs a great DUI lawyer. Don’t waste your time with the other guys. She is a no BS Lawyer. Easy to work with and Has great payment plans.”

Posted by Craig G. on September 4, 2015

“When I received a DUI I really didn’t know what to do. I got a hold of Adele business card, called and left her a message on the weekend. She called back the same day! Adele absolutely knows the DUI law and helped me through every step making sure I understood what was happening and when. I never felt like I was in the dark or wasting my money. In the end, Adele helped to reduce my DUI to a reckless driving saving my job and life! I recommend anyone who finds themselves in that not sure what to do situation to give Adele a call.”

Posted by Shawn, on January 26, 2016

“Adele was able to dig up the truth about how false reports were filed against me. This lead to 3 felony charges (Kidnapping etc., facing at least 10 years) against me and all were reduced to a misdemeanor through fact finding and hard work with the courts. She was able to communicate the whole situation to me in terms I could understand. She took the time and effort to explain to me every avenue of approach throughout the whole case. She also made sure I had all of the correct documents in hand before and after any appearance. I would highly recommend her services to any one! Don’t expect to be “pet” with promises, she tells the truth and never waivers.”

Posted by a Client on April 25, 2016

“Adele Drumlevitch, represented my husband with a DUI. She took the case with a small down payment and worked out the balance in payments. Living in Phoenix, AZ she was able to do it all thru via telephone. She was able to get the DUI dropped to a wreck less driving charge. She did not take any pleas she actually fought for him. After my husband was arrested for DUI, I was humiliated and scared. He was afraid I he lose his job and driver’s license. From the beginning after speaking with Adele I knew she stood out from other attorneys. Lawyers who are not as experienced or up to date on new DUI laws, may overlook such defenses which could make all the difference in winning and losing a DUI/DWI case in court let me say Adele knows DUI laws. I want to thank you for everything you did to help us. I realize that without your help he would have had a much worse sentence. I appreciate your follow-up after every court appearance. We always felt like we knew what was going on with his case without having to call her. I will definitely refer anyone I know who is arrested for a DUI in Benson County to your office.”

Posted by a Client on June 1, 2016

“Adela is beyond amazing!!! I got pulled over and was harassed by a young cop and subjected to his harsh and out control behavior! I was arrest for a DUI and she got me off to a civil speeding charge! I was not drunk or intoxicated at all! But do to physical feet issues, I could not pass or do his test so therefore he thought I was drugs, heroin and meth!! He harassed me so bad I was having a anxiety attack!!! He kept accusing me of being on these drugs when I have never used them ever!!! I had been up 18 hours with no sleep and traveling!! After being tormented my this young office whom a created a lot of grief for me!!! Adele went to bat for me!!! She heard me!!! She listen to the truth and through her great knowledge she prevail for me!!! To the point the officer conduct was reported to his supervisor for such absurd behavior!! No one should ever be treated as such until proven guilty!!! I will be entirely grateful for her outstanding knowledge of the legal process and her integrity to fight for the truth!!! It was extremely helpful because I was from out of state and she handled it all through email!”

Thank you Adele

Posted by Ida, on June 29, 2016

“Ms. Drumlevitch was retained to represent a family member in a probation hearing. She was retained on short notice, and acted very quickly. She was aggressive in her defense, and kept the family informed throughout the process. She was honest and forthcoming, and was successful in her defense of our family member. I would highly recommend Ms. Drumlevitch.”

Posted by a Client on July 23, 2016

“Adele was a wonderful lawyer. Our first meeting she let me know what I Would be up against in my DUI Case. She went above and beyond for me and was in my corner the whole time fighting for me. I had to leave Arizona because I had accepted a job to go overseas and she even got my court date pushed up so that I could get in and if more time was given we would have taken this to trial but the job I had accepted required me to be gone in Kuwait in 2 weeks so she got me the best Plea Bargain possible. While I was oversea she still worked with me to get my conviction set aside and did it in a fast manner. My overall experience with Adele was great and I recommend you choose her as your lawyer if you ever in any trouble. Thank you Adele for all your hard work.”

Posted By Dominique, on September 21, 2016

“Great service awesome attorney.”

Posted by Reggie K. on February 19, 2016

“Adele went all out to help me and she is very knowledgeable and passionate about what she does! Thank you, Adele.

Posted By Christy C. on December 21, 2015