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I was arrested for a DUI and was extremely shaken over this incident. Adele was compassionate but straightforward and extremely...
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Above and Beyond

Adele is amazing, not only at what she does but as a person. She goes above and beyond for everyone. She makes sure you have and know...
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Peace Of Mind

Got arrested in February while on Temp duty at Huachuca. I live on the east coast. Over the next six months, Adele looked through all the tapes...
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Experienced Lawyer

I have used Adele Drumlevitch as my attorney several times since 2008. She is very experienced in many areas of law and she has represented...
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Top Shelf DUI & Criminal Defense at an Affordable Price

When you're faced with criminal charges, it's important to have a dedicated and knowledgeable lawyer on your side. Contact Adele Drumlevitch, Attorney At Law, LLC for legal representation that puts your well-being above all else.

Well-Established Criminal Defense Lawyers for Sierra Vista and Cochise County, AZ Residents

If you're convicted of a drug offense or domestic violence, the consequences can be severe. In addition to any sentence that the court decides on, these types of offenses mean that your employment prospects, family situation and reputation can all be seriously damaged. If you find yourself charged with an offense, access to a skilled, supportive lawyer can make all the difference. As a successful law firm, we offer all our clients top quality domestic violence lawyers and drunk driving lawyers, ensuring you've got a source of support and information readily available.

DUI Defense Attorney That's on Your Side

Being charged with a criminal offense can be a lonely business – friends, colleagues and even family may feel that “there's no smoke without fire” leading to isolation from people you were once close to. We understand how difficult the situation can get, which is why we offer all our clients a supportive, empathetic service as well as complete commitment to providing strong legal assistance. This will enable them to make the right choices for their individual circumstances.

The Need For Experienced Criminal Defense Attorneys In Arizona

Criminal law is the vast body of laws that exist to punish those individuals who are convicted by a judge or jury of committing crimes against another individual or against society, as a whole. Specific punishments are handed down by the judge or the jury and can include costly fines, strict probation periods, suspension or revocation of your driver's license, registration as a sex offender, and even time incarcerated in jail or prison. Once you have been convicted of a crime, you will forever carry a criminal record. This record of your convictions is accessible by the public, which includes any employer who may perform pre-employment background checks.

If you have been accused of a crime in Sierra Vista or the surrounding area, it is of the utmost importance that you hire a defense attorney as soon as possible. Even if criminal charges have not yet been filed against you, an experienced felony or misdemeanor defense lawyer can immediately begin an independent investigation into your case. Any evidence that your attorney finds can be given to the prosecuting attorney, as an attempt to prevent criminal charges from ever being filed against you. If the case does proceed and you are prosecuted for a crime, hiring a criminal defense attorney right away sends an important message to the prosecution in Arizona. It tells them, loud and clear, that you will be taking this matter very seriously and that your case will not be an easy one to handle.

Certain types of crimes, for example, sex or child abuse related crimes, are not usually caught in the act. Instead, they are reported, after the fact, to police by either an alleged victim or a witness. If the police happen to find the accuser or the witness credible, it is possible that they may seek out a warrant for your arrest.

Once a warrant has been issued, the police are free to enter your home, your school, your place of employment, or wherever they expect to find you, in order to arrest you. One often overlooked benefit to hiring a skilled criminal defense lawyer to represent you in your Sierra Vista criminal case at a very early stage is that your attorney can immediately find out for you whether or not an arrest warrant has been or will be issued.

If it turns out that there is a warrant for your arrest, your Arizona criminal defense attorney can make arrangements directly by speaking with the court or the police on your behalf. This benefit to having an attorney on your side can mean the difference between an embarrassing scene where the police bust down the door to your home or remove you from your place of employment in handcuffs, and one in which you simply arrive at the county jail or the courthouse with your lawyer. You will be allowed to peacefully turn yourself in and even possibly post bond on the spot, depending on the criminal charges against you and the leanings of that particular judge.

Why Choose Adele Drumlevitch As Your Sierra Vista, Arizona Criminal Defense Attorney?

When you have been accused of a committing a crime, your livelihood, your reputation, your freedom, and your future are all on the line. The first attorney you come across is not necessarily the best one to represent you. Take the time to find a lawyer with proven experience, who will truly stand up for you. If you have been accused of DUI, driving with license suspended, assault, battery, domestic violence, breaking and entering, embezzlement, fraud, child endangerment or any other crime in Sierra Vista, AZ or the surrounding area, contact Adele Drumlevitch, experienced defense attorney, right away. Her honesty, professionalism, talent, and experience in the courts of Arizona could save you from a plethora of harsh punishments including debilitating fines, incarceration, and severe damage to both your criminal record and your reputation within your community or even your own family.

You do not want to place your future in the hands of the prosecuting attorneys. Don't risk ending up with a serious conviction on your criminal record when it could be possible for the charges against you to be reduced or even dismissed. The fact that criminal charges have been filed against you doesn't mean you have to give up; it means that it's time to fight for your rights. Don't become another statistic; invest in the future of your career, your family, and your life by hiring a competent criminal defense lawyer to navigate the Arizona criminal justice system with you. Don't wait and end up settling for an attorney who may not give you their all. Take the time to call Adele Drumlevitch, Attorney at Law, for a confidential consultation about your criminal case today.

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I have been licensed as an Attorney in Arizona since 1987. During my nearly 3 decades of being lawyer I have worked predominantly as a Criminal Defense Attorney. This has included defending both adult and juvenile clients on both felony and misdemeanor charges. I also previously served as municipal prosecutor. Read More