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Anonymous Recommends Adele Drumlevitch

Adele Drumlevitch, represented my husband with a DUI. She took the case with a small down payment and worked out the balance in payments. Living in Phoenix, AZ she was able to do it all thru via telephone. She was able to get the DUI dropped to a wreck less driving charge. She did not take any pleas she actually fought for him. After my husband was arrested for DUI, I was humiliated and scared. He was afraid I he lose his job and driver's license. From the beginning after speaking with Adele I knew she stood out from other attorneys. Lawyers who are not as experienced or up to date on new DUI laws, may overlook such defenses which could make all the difference in winning and losing a DUI/DWI case in court let me say Adele knows DUI laws. I want to thank you for everything you did to help us. I realize that without your help he would have had a much worse sentence. I appreciate your follow-up after every court appearance. We always felt like we knew what was going on with his case without having to call her. I will definitely refer anyone I know who is arrested for a DUI in Benson County to your office.

– Anonymous