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Client Testimonials

Ida Recommends Adele Drumlevitch

Adela is beyond amazing!!! I got pulled over and was harassed by a young cop and subjected to his harsh and out control behavior! I was arrest for a DUI and she got me off to a civil speeding charge! I was not drunk or intoxicated at all! But do to physical feet issues, I could not pass or do his test so therefore he thought I was drugs, heroin and meth!! He harassed me so bad I was having a anxiety attack!!! He kept accusing me of being on these drugs when I have never used them ever!!! I had been up 18 hours with no sleep and traveling!! After being tormented my this young office whom a created a lot of grief for me!!! Adele went to bat for me!!! She heard me!!! She listen to the truth and through her great knowledge she prevail for me!!! To the point the officer conduct was reported to his supervisor for such absurd behavior!! No one should ever be treated as such until proven guilty!!! I will be entirely grateful for her outstanding knowledge of the legal process and her integrity to fight for the truth!!! It was extremely helpful because I was from out of state and she handled it all through email!”

Thank you Adele

– Ida