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What Sets Your Firm Apart In Handling DUI Cases?

What Sets Your Firm Apart In Handling DUI Cases?

It is my experience in dealing with so many DUIs through the years and knowing what to look for. I do not read the report once; I read the report numerous times. If you ever see one of my reports, you will laugh probably because my yellow highlighter is all over the papers. I have a pink and a blue highlighter too when I am writing in the margins, this means I am picking this report apart. I nick my timeline, I type things up to show how things happened, and in what order, and I am extremely thorough.

If there is a video or an audio, I am going to listen to it and write down notes. I am not just going to let it go. Let me go back and play that part again, and maybe something significant was said or mumbled, maybe it is something significant or something that was not said that should have been said by the officer. I also have a side where I am going to say is more of people skills. People appreciate that I treat them with dignity and respect.

I am less expensive than most lawyers in this area by choice because it is a business choice of mine. I think a lot of the lawyers charge excessively much, for what they are doing, especially what they are doing. I can see if you practice many cases, maybe you could charge a higher price, but they charge a lot, and they are not doing much of what I do. I do not feel you need to gauge somebody and take every penny they have. I am trying to fill the niche.

If you do not want a free lawyer or you may not qualify for a free lawyer because you make too much, but you really do not need to be paying what some of these attorneys charge. Especially for the quality of work you are receiving. I fill the gap so I am going to charge less than a lot of lawyers. I am going to put in the work. I offer payment plans too. Most lawyers that I know of do not offer payment plans. I care about my clients. I do not want them to get another DUI. The way I look at it is a DUI, or any other criminal case is a bump on your road of life. You are going to get past this and get through it.

I am going to help you get through it and I am going to be there for you. I am talking about people here, not just numbers. You are not a number to me, you are a real person. You have families, a job, a career, a professional license, and you need to get through this. I tell people, good people make mistakes, you are a good person, and you just made a mistake. When I say good people make mistakes, it does not mean you are guilty, but maybe a lapse in judgment. You are a good person and it got away from you. I like to say that you need me because good people make mistakes, and I am a good lawyer.

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