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Adele Drumlevitch, Esq.

Adele Drumlevitch, Esq.

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What I do: Misdemeanor and Felony DUI & Criminal Defense for Adults and Juveniles – Driving Under the Influence/”Drunk Driving” (Alcohol, Extreme Alcohol, Drugs, With or Without Prior Convictions), Personal Possession of Drugs, Domestic Violence, Suspended License, Traffic Cases, Assault, Disorderly Conduct, Criminal Damage, Shoplifting, Dog-At-Large/Dog Biting, Weapons Violations, Early Termination of Probation, Set Aside Conviction (similar to Expungement), MVD DUI Driver License Suspension, Restore Civil Rights and Gun Rights, Orders of Protection, Forfeitures, Dog Seizure and Dangerous/Vicious Dog Hearing, and more.

How long I’ve done it: Licensed as a Lawyer in Arizona since 1987, DUI & Criminal Defense since 1989, in Cochise County since 1998.

What I’ve done: Starting in the 1980’s, I worked for several years as an assistant public defender in a big city in S.E. Arizona. I also worked for a number of years for a few small law firms in Cochise County. I have been self-employed as a lawyer with my own law firm since 2005. As my own boss I was a court-appointed (“free”) Lawyer for many years, but in 2014 I switched to working as an Attorney only for private-paying clients.This way I can spend more time on each client/case and give you the attention that your DUI/ Criminal case deserves.

Why I do it: I find DUI and Criminal Defense work challenging and interesting. It’s never boring, and I never get tired of what I do! I like to help my Clients (I call them “My People”). I don’t see a potential Client as a wallet walking in my door and I don’t get upset with my Clients because I have to do work on their cases or they ask me the same question more than once! impatient with a Client if I have to explain something more than once. I look at my Clients as people who are in a bad place in their lives who need my help to get past this bump in the road of life.

What you get from me: I bring my many years – decades – of Experience and Knowledge in handling DUI and other Criminal cases to you. I will treat you with respect and honesty and compassion. I cannot promise you a certain outcome (it is actually unethical to guarantee a result), but I will evaluate and analyze your case and I will let you know the pros and cons and possible options and outcomes of your case. What I can promise you is that as your Lawyer I will give you 100% of my effort in defending you on your DUI or other Criminal case.

How I go the “extra mile”: I am usually available 24/7. I am accessible to My People after hours and on weekends. I will keep you updated on the status of your case and make sure that you understand what is happening and why. I have a child-friendly office for people who don’t have a babysitter. I’ll be in your corner from start to finish, and hugs are always free (that’s right in my contract).

What it will cost: I charge a “flat fee” so you don’t have to be worried that you will be nickel and dimed as time goes by. PAYMENT PLANS may be available on a case-by-case basis (verification of employment and income and ties to community may be required, a 3rd party guarantor may be required). (For those who ask – sorry, I am not a pro bono lawyer, so I cannot handle your case for free.)

Why you should contact me: Don’t pick a lawyer for a fancy office and a lot of staff (guess who pays for that?) – choose me to be Your Lawyer because I do all the work on your case and I know what I’m doing! Don’t pick an attorney who is burnt out or hates being a lawyer (the ones who can’t give you the time of day and only go through the motions and do as little work as possible) – choose me as Your Attorney because I will constantly and happily work my butt off to help you resolve your case as favorably as possible!

What I give you: “One Free Telephone Call” (up to 20 minutes) to discuss your Arizona DUI/Criminal situation. I can NOT give you “Free Advice” (that wouldn’t be fair to me or you). One Free Call per potential client (other restrictions may apply).

When you should contact me: If you or someone you know is in criminal trouble, don’t wait! We’re all human. Good hard-working people sometimes make mistakes. Contact me NOW! Because Good People Make Mistakes.

“Very professional and down-to-earth. She made a very unpleasant experience Easy to deal with.”

Posted by Ryan J. (Client) in March, 2019

“Adele is amazing, not only at what she does but as a person. She goes above and beyond for everyone. She makes sure you have and know everything that could happen or will happen. What I was facing could of had a terrible effect not only on me but my career and family as well. She not only saved me but also my career. I could never say in enough words how thankful I am to her. If you want an Attorney that REALLY cares and doesn’t judge, and works very hard for you!! This amazing lady right here is who you need on your side.”

Posted By Anna P. on October 11, 2018

“Works hard on your behalf!”

Posted by Paul C. (Client) in September, 2018
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22 Reviews

“Ms. Drumlevitch works hard for her clients and is always well-prepared. She stays up-to-date on the law and is a zealous advocate. I endorse her.”

Dina Dieglio, DUI and DWI Attorney on November 3, 2017

“I endorse this lawyer.”

Richard Parks, Business Attorney on September 5, 2014

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